Friday, August 01, 2014

Hari om! Shree ram! I am Ambadnya!

Hari Om Sakhis. I am Vaishaliveera Vaibhavsinh.Karnik. I am Ambadnya forever at the lotus feet of my Param Pujya Bapu, Param Pujya Nandaai and Param Pujya Suchit dada.

The motivation to write this article in fact has been given to me by my beloved Nandaai.

To me, my Nandaai is everything, is where I belong. She is the only asset that I possess.

I am nothing without her. I can't imagine a single moment of my life without her as I am alive only because of her. This is true totally in my case because the experiences which I have been through and the reason that I can survive today is only and only due to this Paramtrayee's blessings and grace.

Before coming to Aatmabal, I was living, but an aimless life. A life without meaning, any charm or goal. I didn't know what I needed to do in life. But Aatmabal helped me to find my way and to set and achieve goals in life. My Aai has groomed this bud into a beautiful and blossomed flower to live a confident and beautiful life ahead. She has helped me to understand my capabilities and inner qualities that were all underneath me. Unknowingly, I met myself and came to understand my potentialities.

Like, travelling by a train and conversing confidently in front of an audience. I got knowledge about society, its rules and regulations. For example, projects on air transport, railways, banking, gas, cooking, enhancing beauty, medical help, etc. Improving my English skills, making various craft articles from waste to best. But above all, I made so many friends who taught me real friendship. Thus, here I got everything that I wanted and all that I needed, only and only because of my AAI. Today, I am completely an independent lady. I am no more dependent on anybody for any kind of help. I am not helpless any more. By Her grace, I have acquired all possible knowledge required to survive in this society. So, now I am too a part of this society where I can move around with pride.

So, those of you who have really not done Aatmabal are deprived of something very important in their life. They are missing something which is invaluable.

Aai, I have no words to express what I have, what I received by doing Aatmabal. Rather, you have given me a chance, an opportunity to do Aatmabal. I just want to say that “I LOVE YOU AAI FORVER AND I AM AMBADNYA AT YOUR LOTUS FEET, TILL MY LAST BREATH, FOREVER AND EVER!”.


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