Friday, February 10, 2017

Bhavatha nam kim (What is your name?), Katham asti (How are you?) Enter any home in Mattur, and you will be greeted with these words.

A village with one foot in the Vedic times and another in the 21st century, Mattur from Karnataka is one of the very few places in the world where residents still converse in the classical language of Sanskrit and at least one member from every family is an IT Engineer.

Here where many are blindly moving towrads westernization there are still places in India which are keen on conserving our tradition and culture. The villagers of Mattur, who lead a Vedic lifestyle, chant the ancient texts and converse in Sanskrit, have made sure the ancient language flourishes in their village.

The entire village of Mattur is built as a square, like a typical agraharam, with a central temple and a village pathshala.The Vedas are chanted at the pathshala in the traditional way. The students learn them meticulously in their five-years course, under the careful supervision of village elders.The students at the pathshala also collect old Sanskrit palm leaves, expand the script on computers and rewrite the damaged text in present day Sanskrit to make it available to the common man in the form of publications.Thus, they are preserving our ancient language with deep love and discipline.

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  1. Really a village to be admired. Thanks for the article Sharmilaveera.



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