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Aatmabal – The strength within

We launch today, this blog called Atmabal – The inner strength which wishes to depict a project by this very name, conducted under the aegis of the Shri Sai Samartha Vidnyan Prabodhini designed and conducted by Dr. (Mrs.) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi, (fondly called Nandaai). Atmabal completes its 14th successful year in 2014.

Here the name says it all.

'Atmabal' is about the inner strength of the woman – the strength that exists in her in any case but that she might just need to become aware of, the strength that she might just need to get in touch with, be it after an effort at exploration, the strength that belongs to her core and so can eventually seep into her personality and become her – natural and easy.

....for we believe that empowerment comes essentially from within and not without.

And so this blog is a call, an arm extended in love and friendship from 'Aai' to every woman inviting her to become part of this joyful experience of discovering her own self. She discovers her capacities and equipped with confidence and zeal returns to life but with a renewed perspective that will make a world of precious difference in it.

.....for the change has to happen inside.

The woman, be she in the role of the daughter, the wife or the mother – contributes a major share towards building family bonds, personalities of children and so in a way, also towards a healthier society. Therefore it is she who must in the first place, equip herself with strength, positivity and the ability to give and receive love.

.....for you can give only what you have.

So what is the 'Atmabal' course all about?

This course spread over 6 months with a session per week, has been thoughtfully and painstakingly designed by Dr. Mrs. Nanda Aniruddha Joshi. Enactments, discussions, projects and presentations specific to the theme lead the students to interact with the outside world on the one hand and get in touch with their own selves on the other. Although the basic course concept remains the same, the theme, an issue of social relevance or any significant issue at all, has been a new one every year.

Apart from other skills, the art of time management that includes organization of work and home including multi-tasking for instance features as a major guidance area as a streamlined lifestyle is happy and manageable.

Commonly and widely spoken, the English is now a language of all business and formal transactions. Therefore speaking English is not just a need but an asset and fluency builds confidence in social interaction. Women who do not know English at all are taught basic communication, those who only need brushing up are given suitable opportunities.

The course ends with an evening of music and presentations put up by the students in which all participate irrespective of age, profession, etc. The intention is to rid the women of stage fears or inhibitions felt owing to feelings of insufficiency.

Dr. Mrs. Nanda Aniruddha Joshi personally conducts every session and is part of the designing – course delivery and material – every single year. She even directs all the presentations and skits to be staged in the end-session programme.

The enrolment procedure is simple and necessitates an application. The batch is chosen based on individual personal interaction with the aspiring students.

Atmabal is by no means the women's liberation movement. Not at all. It is meant for the development and progress of the woman's personality, for the sake of her own happiness and that of her family and dear ones.

The journey of the woman's self-exploration is set in motion and will continue for life.....beautiful at every step because she has 'Atmabal' behind her, with her and inside of her.

.... for 'Atmabal' is formation of appropriate approach – towards life, towards the world and above all towards her own self.

All women who experience Atmabal strike fond bonds – with themselves and with others who were with them. However long be the chain, the hand at the end is always free to hold one more. Come let us hold hands.....

.....and be ambadnya – let us remain in awareness and in loving gratitude for the Sadguru's love for us – our Great Mother (Mothi Aai – Mahishasurmardini), our foremost source of strength.

|| Hari Om || || Shriram || Ambadnya ||


Dr. (Mrs) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi has, for the past several years, been successfully running a centre for Development of Self Confidence & Will Power (Aatmabal Vikas) for ladies. She has done her post graduation in Biochemistry from Mumbai University and has achieved expertise and authority in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. She is also an expert in Braille and has personally taught Braille for 3 years.

The Aatmabal classes, which are conducted under her guidance, develop and strengthen the will power and self-confidence of a woman, to make her bold, self-dependent and self-sufficient, thereby giving her a completely new introduction of her own self.

Dr. (Mrs) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi herself teaches English to those ladies who do not know the language at all, so that they are able to communicate in English for the purposes of their day to day life. As a result, they develop the confidence to speak in English and some of them even go on to perform in an English drama on stage in front of an audience of thousands.

Today, English is no longer merely a language for learning; it is the most common language in which people communicate with one another. Therefore, it has become a must for everybody to have atleast an elementary knowledge of English. The inferiority complex of conversing in English, the boring task of looking for meanings of difficult words from the dictionary, and things such as these, have kept people away from conversing in English even when required.

In order to overcome these difficulties Dr. (Mrs) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi has introduced English langauage in the Aatmabal Class.

Testimonials by Aatmabalites

Aatmabal se Aatmabadal - Panna Rege

|| Hari Om ||

Aatmabal - Journey to................

For me, journey of 'Aatmabal' is transformation of an ugly duckling to a beautiful princely Swan. I was silly enough to identity myself as an ugly duckling and be unhappy all the time.

My Nandai made me look into myself through Her 'Aatmbal Course' mirror. She turned me inside out and made me realise that I am not an ugly duckling but a beautiful princely swan. With Her endless efforts, She groomed me in such a way I rediscovered myself - the true me; a  dependable handicap trasformed into self dependant confident woman.

My Nandai is indeed the best ever "Interior designer' of the entire universe. Through Aatmabal course, she designed my life, emptied my negativity and field me up with positivity. Moreover, She filled me up with Her Devine Love and Care. Her motherhood nurtured me and continus to do so. I feel protected under her feather that lines up the entire universe.

I am Ambadnya Aai for making me a part of this journey that never ends..................

|| Hari Om ||

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