Tuesday, May 31, 2016

'Old is Gold' June te Sone Yojana is working throughout the year. All shraddhavans give their clothes which are washed and in good condition to the nearest Upasana Center. Survey is done in different villages and as per the requirement clothes are distributed among the needy people.Recently, this activity is carried out in Dhule by Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation.We can see sparkle in the eyes of a child after receiving the clothes.


Ambadnya to Param Pujya Bapu Aai Dada. Jai Jagdamb Jai Durge.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Every second you shower your love and blessings on us.

Mothi aai bless us always

We love you

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Nhau tuziya preme....

Wonderful, Precious, Priceless, Most valued, prized and lovely moments, that took us all the shraddhavans to an altogether different and special world of our beloved dad,
i love you my dad... for ever and ever.
Keep us at your lotus feet always.

click the link below to be a part of this memorable event

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dr Tessy Thomas,  is an expert on all solid propellants systems, has a B. Tech from Thrissur Engineering College, Calicut. She started her career in the DRDO under Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s leadership and guidance.She also has an M.Tech in Guided Missile from the Institute of Armament Technology, Pune (now known as the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology).

She was born in 1964 to a a small-businessman father and a homemaker mother at Alappuzha in Kerala. . She grew up near a rocket launching station and says her fascination with rockets and missiles began then. She was named after Mother Teresa, the late Nobel laureate who worked with the poor in Calcutta.
Her husband is  Saroj Kumar, now a commodore in the Indian Navy and they have a son, Tejas. an engineering student who shares his name with India’s indigenously developed light combat aircraft, also made by the DRDO.

In a glowing tribute in 2008, The Indian Woman Scientists Association did not forget to mention that “like most women she also does a tight-rope walk between home and career, between being a mother and a scientist who is dedicated to her job. “We feel Tessy Thomas serves as a role model and an inspiration for women scientists to achieve their dreams and have their feet planted in both worlds successfully,” the group said.

Tessy was associate project director of the 3,000 km range Agni-III missile project. She was the project director for Agni IV which was successfully tested in 2011.  Tessy was appointed as the Project Director for 5,000 km range Agni-V in 2009 and is based at the Advanced Systems Laboratory in Hyderabad.  The missile was successfully tested on 19 April 2012. 

In January 2012, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the Indian Science Congress that Ms Thomas is an example of a “woman making her mark in a traditionally male bastion and decisively breaking the glass ceiling“.

In 2011, three women scientists won the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award, India’s top science prize, compared to 11 from 1958-2010 and one was for Ms Thomas. . “We are all proud of our country. Agni-V is one of our greatest achievements,” she says.

Swadeshi shuttle, mission accomplished

The Indian space research organisation (ISRO) on Monday successfully tested India's first indigenously  made Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), which is capable lauching satellites into space and then re-enter the Earth's atmosphere.

Launched from Shriharikota in Andhra Pradesh at 7 a.m, the winged flight vehicle glided back onto a virtual run way in the Bay of Bengal after a 10 min mission.

After the test flight was declared successful, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated scientists at ISRO and tweeted: “Launch of India's first indigenous space shuttle RLV-TD is the result of the industrious efforts of our scientists. Congrats to them.”

God Bless the scientists for their vigorous efforts  and best wishes for the future plans.

Watch the video

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In summer many of us face the problem of unusual fatigue , aches and pains. This can be due to insufficient water intake. We sweat a lot during this season. To know more please visit


PU student digs a 55-ft-deep well in his backyard to 
provide water for his family.

While Dashrath Manjhi in Bihar carved out a 360 foot road along a hillock in memory of his wife, Phalguni Devi, this 17-year-old boy from Settisara village in Sagar taluk has dug a 55-ft-deep open well on his own to reduce the hardship of his mother, who had to make repeated trips to the public well to get water for the family every night after returning home from work.

In the Malnad region, every household with a decent income will have an open well in its backyard.

However, due to poverty, Pavan Kumar’s family could not have such an open well.

His father, Vinayak Hegde, works as a cook and his mother, Nethravathi, works at a printing unit in Sagar.

Pavan’s mother, after returning from work late in the evening, used to make several trips to the local well, about half a kilometre away, to fetch water for the family.

Pavan Kumar, a PU student, said: “I decided to find a permanent solution for the problem by digging a well at the backyard of my house.”
Following advice from Kannappa, a local hydrology expert, Pavan identified the right location for the well and began digging on February 26. As his family could not afford to hire labourers, he worked single-handedly. He took a break of 10 days in March for writing the first PU exam.

After completing the exam, he resumed work and finished digging the well on April 20, working nearly 45 days on the project. “It was really hard to dig the rocky ground under the scorching sun. Finally, at the depth of 53 ft, when water oozed out, I was filled with a sense of fulfilment. After digging two more feet, I completed the work. I am happy that my mother now has respite from having to rush to the public well after coming home from work,” said Pavan.


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