Wednesday, November 05, 2014

आयुष्यातला प्रत्येक क्षण celebrate करायला शिकवते ते आत्मबल
आयुष्यातला प्रत्येक क्षण celebrate करायला शिकवते ते आत्मबल
दु:खालाही हसत हसत face करायला शिकवते ते आत्मबल
प्रत्येक रंग सुंदर आहे... त्यात रंगून जायच... अस vision देते ते आत्मबल
चुकीच्या गोष्टींना उखडून आयुष्य निर्मळ करायचच... असा focus देते ते आत्मबल
माझ्या बापू आई लेकीची support-system हे आत्मबल
It was Nandai's incessant efforts that brought all the Atmabalites from every nook and corner together to experience the blissful moments once again in their  lives for celebrating the Mega Event called Aatmabal Mahotsav. It is this event that has given every student of her's a golden oppurtunity to once again  cherish and relive the memories of their happiness and joy.

Aatmabal Mahotsav, a platform paved for 1500 ladies participants, where age was no bar but love and determination was the prime measure. The evenings of Mahotsav were truly enjoyable with the remarkable performances from all the participants.

We are proud and happy to announce that we have completed 3 years for this grand occasion today, i.e. November 05, 2014, and November 06, 2014.

Let us get drenched in this treasure and love bestowed upon us by our Beloved Nandai.........

Here is the mesmering video of Aatmabal Matahotsav edited by Vinayaksinh Khapre


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