Thursday, October 29, 2015

|| Hari Om ||

Param Pujya Nandai’s current batch is ‘Homemaker Special‘. These ladies are all the while so engrossed in their daily chores, that hardly they must have given a thought to their own recreation! Our Nandai taps their talents so gently and helps them seek their own happiness through simple means like an ordinary ball. This video is a beautiful expression of these ladies when they played with the ball, in the Aatmabal class.


  1. So sweet .. This video literally brought tears to my eyes..This is the reality of an Indian women who is bounded by the 4 walls of her house
    But after joining Aatmabal and after coming under the influence of our NANDAI who is the epitome of Motherly Love and Womanhood ....Her Guidance and Her teachings never fail to bring out the best in a simple woman or a housewife. Only She can bring happiness and a smile on the faces of and everyone.
    Infinitely Ambadnya and Hatss off to my dearest Aai Nandai

  2. I m also part of this Home Maker Group, Aai we learned how to creat hapiness in our life from 'Ball ddddday 'love u aai childhood is back to join motherhood'

  3. Hatts off to our dearest Aai only she can make impossible things possible. What is happiness?Aai only can show and teach us.We all love you Aai.jai jagdamb jai durge.

  4. Hari Om Shri Ram Ambadnya
    The fun game in the Aatmabal class is a very fantastic idea.
    Aai only you can make it happen.
    We were also happy after watching those inlightend and happy faces.
    Love you Aai . Miss you Aai. Ambadnya Aai.

  5. This happens only in Aatmbal. ..superb video. ..Aai you are ultimate ...

  6. Hari om shreeram Ambadnya....
    Aai you always come with so much Energetic stuff for we all Girls.Its just wonderful to see all so happy......

  7. We are indeed blessed to be a part of this beautiful journey of Aatmabal.... Ambadnya Aai.... Love you.

  8. We are indeed blessed to be a part of this beautiful journey of Aatmabal.... Ambadnya Aai.... Love you.

  9. Aai is the most important person in my life. Aai's words of encourgement can be the foundation. She inspired her children to show the world that we can still learn from the mistakes we make. Aai is a big motivation in our life. She is standing behind us on our positive decisions in life and confronting us on the negetive ones. She stands by us when we are down,She encourages us when we think of quitting, and she quides us when things seem confusing. She cares. Hari om Shree Ram Ambadnya . We all love you AAI .Jai jagdambe,Jai Durge

  10. I saw the video, the beautiful days of my life came infront of my eyes. Aai the love which u give in this special Aatmabal class is really too much the unconditional love which a Aai gives to her beti and makes her princess. Aai love u and ambadnya and proud to be the flower of this garland which is arpan at Motiaais lotus feet

  11. Hari om aai, being apart of this aatmaBal home maker batch I am really feeling blessed. Aai you have taught us that by playing with a simple ball we can bring happiness n joy in our lives and others too. Even if no one is there how we can do entertainment of ourselves aai you taught us.this ball dday wI'll always be fresh and cherished in my memories, njoyyed a lot. Love u maa for all your love and affection. Jai jagdamb jai durge

  12. HariOm shreeram Ambadnya !
    The joy of every sakhi is seen.Aai Hatts of too you.what to learn and how to use it for our Betterment ,only you can make it possible....
    Realy looking just a small Ball but Aai with your Grace and Love taught so much...not only thr sakhi but all her family is Happy....
    Love you Aai

  13. Aai we experienced how to create happiness in the life. In the aatmabal class. Now the class is going to end. But I will always be with our beloved aai in the form of seva & bhakti. Ambadnya aai.



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