Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dr. (Mrs) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi has, for the past several years, been successfully running a centre for Development of Self Confidence & Will Power (Aatmabal Vikas) for ladies. She has done her post graduation in Biochemistry from Mumbai University and has achieved expertise and authority in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. She is also an expert in Braille and has personally taught Braille for 3 years.

The Aatmabal classes, which are conducted under her guidance, develop and strengthen the will power and self-confidence of a woman, to make her bold, self-dependent and self-sufficient, thereby giving her a completely new introduction of her own self.

Dr. (Mrs) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi herself teaches English to those ladies who do not know the language at all, so that they are able to communicate in English for the purposes of their day to day life. As a result, they develop the confidence to speak in English and some of them even go on to perform in an English drama on stage in front of an audience of thousands.

Today, English is no longer merely a language for learning; it is the most common language in which people communicate with one another. Therefore, it has become a must for everybody to have atleast an elementary knowledge of English. The inferiority complex of conversing in English, the boring task of looking for meanings of difficult words from the dictionary, and things such as these, have kept people away from conversing in English even when required.

In order to overcome these difficulties Dr. (Mrs) Nanda Aniruddha Joshi has introduced English langauage in the Aatmabal Class.


  1. My Nandai's tireless efforts have seen the limelight.

  2. Yes!!
    It's an awesome experience...learning and teaching English in Aatmabal class.
    My Aatmabal sakhees will agree with me. .. Hari Om Shriram Ambadnya P.P. Nandai.

  3. AAI we are ambadnya for being your children. Aai it is because of you that many have started conversing and have become well versed in english. All credit goes to you AAI

  4. Hari Om AAI ! Aatmabal Vikas) The word it self gives the details of the class rather I would say much much more deep then it to..Every single women on these Earth needs such type of Vikas for her,and for betterment of her Family. Its only AAi you who came with a strong helping Hand to all sakhis .Its you AAi who taught us how to make good chemistry of relations,the importance of understanding our family member's .AMBADNYA AAI DAD & MAMA.

  5. आई… आई… फक्त आमची आई …

    आई तुझ्या सहवासात खरा अर्थ कळला वात्सल्य आणि प्रेमाचा,

    तुझ्या ह्या प्रेमाच्या आणि मायेच्या पदरात आहे माहेर अमच…

    आई तू पदर पसरुनी घेतलेस ह्या लेकी ला तुझ्या कुशीत,

    माहित नव्हते…पण सर्वस्व मिळाले तेव्हाच…

    तुझ्या माये एवढं नाही कोणी देऊ शकत,

    तूच नेऊन ठेवलेस आम्हांस तुझ्या मायेच्या फुलात….

    हे फ़ूल म्हणजे, होते आमचे माहेर

    ह्या महेरातून कधीच बाहेर पडूच नये असे वाटे आज…

    डोळ्यात पाणी येत, आई तुझे आमच्या साठी प्रेम पाहुनी,

    किती ग प्रेम, माया, वात्सल्य देशील तुझ्या ह्या लेकिन वरती…

    जीवन कसे आनंदित जगायचे हे तूच शिकवलेस,

    तूच तुझ्या लेकींचा जीवन आनंदमय केलेस…

    तुझ्या लेकींना शिकवले तू खूप काही,

    म्हणून आज आम्ही सगळ्या लेकी तुझ्या चरणांची अंबज्ञ होऊन राही…

    आत्मबल मध्ये आमचा confidence तू वाढवलास,
    Gracefully कसा राहायच ते तू शिकवलस….

    तुला जसा हवं तसं तू आमच्या कडून करून घेसी,

    आई तुझी लेक मोठी आई आणि तीच्या तीन्ही लेकांच्या सेवेस नन्हेमी तयार होसी…

    --Vilobhaveera Lokhande

    ।। मी अंबज्ञ आहे ।।

  6. Yes, Aai's Aatmbal class changed our life. Our beloved Aai brings happiness, positivity and many more best things in our life.
    Hari Om Shree Ram Ambadnya.

  7. Yes, Aai's aatmbal class changed our life. Our beloved Aai brings happiness, positivity and many more best things in our life.



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