Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This looks so ... attractive !!!

Within a months time kids will be at home looking for new things to explore this vacation. Until the beginning of the new academic year they have quiet some leisure time to venture into new activities.

We as mothers look forward to engage them in something constructive. Here's a nice and crafty way to keep them engrossed for quiet some qualitative time.

On exploring an interesting blog we have got something very beautiful and easy craft item.                                               
                                                      Foam Basket. 
Once we learn this we can make many other things from foam sheets. Let's  make a 
Beautiful Foam Basket with our little ones.

Foam is an ideal material to gift kids as it can withstand quite a bit of squishing , dropping and tugging without falling apart!  We plan to fill our little baskets with candy to gift the kids! Making these flower baskets will be super easy and FUN FUN ! Let's take an experience of this.

Materials Required
Foam - Thick foam is preferable as you need your basket to be sturdy. Cut the foam in Flower shape in contrasting colors to make the leafy base and flower basket.The base flower is slightly smaller than the flower used to make the basket.

Foam strip approximately 1 x 7.5 inch long [ cut from an A4 sheet to foam] to make the   
basket handle 

Optional - foam to make foam bows

Glue gun-- indispensable when working with foam!

Scissors- to cut foam

1. First we need to cut out the  4  1/4 inch diameter  and 3  3/4 inch diameter flower shapes.

2. Simply draw and cut the shape of a flower of your choice

3. How to Make the Foam Baskets-

Cut the larger foam flower in the groove between the petals towards the center but not reaching it as shown in the pictorial below

4.Apply a little bit of glue...[not too much or  the excess glue will not only burn you but give unsightly glue marks on your project] on the edge of a petal as shown and overlap an adjacent petal over it and hold for a few seconds!

5.Keep applying glue and sticking adjacent petals

6.And soon you have a flower shaped basket!Your first basket might not look as good as this one but, as you go on doing it you will get better results.

7.The green foam flower shape you are going to use as the base for your basket can be left as such or jazzed up a bit with inks and white/ silver pens if you want.

8.Apply hot glue to the center of your base.

9.And stick on your flower shaped basket.

10.You can use it for candy or other small things or can convert into a basket by adding a handle.

11. For making a handle use a 1 x 7.5 inch strip of green glitter foam and use hot glue to stick it inside your foam flower basket

12.Since foam is such a malleable material this will be one of the easiest handles you make!


13.Nothing can beat a "bow" to make something look cute ! You can use a Life style crafts die to make a glitter foam bow to add to the basket handle or you can cut a shape of horizontal 8 on foam and use it as a bow.

14.We can decorate basket by using pearls on the bow etc. For decoration sky is the limit. 

 15.Added Tattered lace rose die cuts to glamorize the inside of the baskets.

16.Our baskets are in a riot of colors...Let's hope the children will like them!

So let your little ones have a lot of fun making the basket. We can us this as a return gift or to keep other knick knacks.

All images and procedure courtesy : http://cardsandschoolprojects.blogspot.in

Monday, February 13, 2017

With the blessings of Param Pujya Bapu, Nandai and Suchit Dada Aatmbal Vikas Kendra has successfully completed the 17th Batch this February. Let us all watch together this special batch of Home Maker's and appreciate their journey.

 Pl.Click the link below to take a glimpse of their journey

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bhavatha nam kim (What is your name?), Katham asti (How are you?) Enter any home in Mattur, and you will be greeted with these words.

A village with one foot in the Vedic times and another in the 21st century, Mattur from Karnataka is one of the very few places in the world where residents still converse in the classical language of Sanskrit and at least one member from every family is an IT Engineer.

Here where many are blindly moving towrads westernization there are still places in India which are keen on conserving our tradition and culture. The villagers of Mattur, who lead a Vedic lifestyle, chant the ancient texts and converse in Sanskrit, have made sure the ancient language flourishes in their village.

The entire village of Mattur is built as a square, like a typical agraharam, with a central temple and a village pathshala.The Vedas are chanted at the pathshala in the traditional way. The students learn them meticulously in their five-years course, under the careful supervision of village elders.The students at the pathshala also collect old Sanskrit palm leaves, expand the script on computers and rewrite the damaged text in present day Sanskrit to make it available to the common man in the form of publications.Thus, they are preserving our ancient language with deep love and discipline.

Read more about this interesting village of India on the BetterIndia.com site click the following link

courtesy : thebetterindia.com


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