Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This an integral part of the  Aatmabal class. During the course of 6 months P.P Nandai unveils their hidden talents and reunites them with their own creative self.


  1. Hari Om ShreeRam Ambadnya.
    Its Aatmabal Craft with Aais Grace we could learn so many creative Things .....To buy w from market was only task we were doing before joining Aatmabal.
    Its Aais love and Grace that she taught and showed the joy of making craft by our own hand when sakhis teachers and our Family sit together and do craft the sky is only limit for Joy we get.
    Aai Aai Aai ...Ambadnya.

  2. Hariom Shreeram Ambadnya
    We Love You Aai.Craft in the Aatmabal class.Realy great.We are enjoying and its remind us our school days.Ambadnya

  3. Ambadnya AAI for the Handicraft class in the Aatmabal course.Yes Nandai really unveils the hidden talent in her daughters and makes them acquaint to a beautiful aspect of life. Once again Ambadnya



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