Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hari Om

Just 3 days to go for the Aatmabal Sneha Sammelan 2015...

Rehearsals are going on in full swing and Param Pujya Aai is tirelessly putting in her efforts till the very end. She is at the rehearsals right now with all her children to boost their energy levels.

Param Pujya Nandai Leaving for Aatmabal Rehearsals

Param Pujya Nandai During Rehearsals 

 We are Ambadnya Aai!


  1. आई ती आई … खरच … ते पण नंदाई… आपली आई खूपाच वेगळी आई … तीचा प्रेम पण तीताकच वेगळा… तीने आम्हाला Aatmabalites करून आमचे आत्माबदल केले… तो एक एक दिवस एक एक क्षण तिच्या बरोबर अनुभवलो… खऱ्या अर्थाने आम्ही जीवन जगलो…खरा म्हणजे तिने कसा जगायचा तेच शिकवलं… हे ६ महिने म्हणजे जीवनाचं precious days होते.…

    एकही गोष्ट अशी नवती जी तिला काळत नवती… मनातल्या सगळ्या प्रश्नांचं answer तिच्या बोलण्यातून easily मिळत होता… तिचा "माझी बाळे" "माझ्या लेकी" बोलना खूप काही देऊन जायचं… Love you आई for everything… you are the best Mom in the Mom..

    Actual आत्मबल आता सुरु करायचे आहे… तु जे शिकावलस ते सगळ follow करायचं आहे ग आई आणि ते तू करूनच घेशील हा विश्वास आहे

    -- Vilobhaveera Lokhande

  2. Hari Om AAI ! Hari Om Sakhyano ! Yet the first day of class is in front of eyes.The sweet smile of P.P AAI.,the melodious voice of AAI was direct going to heart,Always you build the confidence and while doing so you hold our hands tight which made us feel yes My Mom is with me and that is the only strength.Before Life was like flow of water, which some times make noise, some times mix with what it comes in it,but now could say life is like flow of oil which flows but makes no noise,oil used to make light and maintain brightness,AAI YOU and DAD and MAMA and Motti Aai are with me is the only strength of My Life and My faith of My Life .AMBADNYA.LOVE YOU AAI.
    AAI tuch( Gadavlace.)......The women I was Yesterday,
    introduced me to the women
    Iam today:which makes me
    very excited about meeting the
    women I will become tomorrow. AMABADNYA AAI LOVE YOU AAI.



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