Thursday, September 25, 2014

|| Hari Om ||

Aatmabal - Journey to................

For me, journey of 'Aatmabal' is transformation of an ugly duckling to a beautiful princely Swan. I was silly enough to identity myself as an ugly duckling and be unhappy all the time.

My Nandai made me look into myself through Her 'Aatmbal Course' mirror. She turned me inside out and made me realise that I am not an ugly duckling but a beautiful princely swan. With Her endless efforts, She groomed me in such a way I rediscovered myself - the true me; a  dependable handicap trasformed into self dependant confident woman.

My Nandai is indeed the best ever "Interior designer' of the entire universe. Through Aatmabal course, she designed my life, emptied my negativity and field me up with positivity. Moreover, She filled me up with Her Devine Love and Care. Her motherhood nurtured me and continus to do so. I feel protected under her feather that lines up the entire universe.

I am Ambadnya Aai for making me a part of this journey that never ends..................

|| Hari Om ||


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